My name is MJ. I'm a neurodivergent activist on a mission, trying to show that there's no such thing as normal and that the atypical minds among us are not alone. I like tea, cats and left-wing theory. I live in England with my two furry children. 


I am neurodivergent due to a combination of Asperger's Syndrome, dyspraxia, various anxiety disorders (GAD, social phobia, OCD) and depression. 


When I was growing up, I knew I was different. I searched for answers, but the narrow view of neurodivergence presented by mainstream sources didn't fit what I was experiencing. It didn't occur to me back then that, instead of being broken, I might just be wired a little differently. 


I was eventually diagnosed with my mental health conditions in 2009, dyspraxia in 2013 and finally autism (then Asperger's Syndrome) in my early twenties. Since then, I've been determined to challenge the preconceptions surrounding these conditions and to provide a much-needed first-hand account of life with an atypical mind.


Now, post-diagnosis and with a much greater understanding of this atypical mind and how it works, I hope I can provide others seeking answers with a more balanced view of neurodivergence and how it feels to be cognitively different.

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